The Field Stabilizer™

The Field Stabilizer™ is the result of many hours of work following a recurrent dream that Roberto Baston, the inventor, kept having for many months back in 2009.

It is made of 6 spirals. The first one, in the bottom, starts from a square base; it connects with the spiral on top. The bowl on top is meant to contain little objects of which you may want to increase the frequency. The 4 horizontal spirals form a counter clockwise swastika (as the ones recurrent in the Buddhist tradition).

Energy in nature moves following a spiral movement. The Field Stabilizer™ collects energy from the earth through its bottom spiral and from the sky through the top spiral. It then distributes the conjunction of the 2 energies through the 4 spirals on the sides. The large base on the bottoms gives stability to the Field Stabilizer™, but also indicates the right position for a proper use.

The Field Stabilizer™ design is meant to keep the 4 fields that activate body regeneration open during the day. We can open these fields normally during meditation, but often for the rest of the day they are deactivated.

The Field Stabilizer™ helps keeping them open all day long. For this reason we developed the pendants, to let people wear the Field Stabilizer™ and bring it with them wherever they go.

The Field Stabilizer™ is produced in different materials. We offer it in copper, silver and gold. Each metal has its own frequency. We found that copper works best for larger spaces, as rooms and offices. Precious metals work best on the body. This is the reason we chose silver and gold. Gold has a higher frequency.

How to use your Field Stabilizer™

The Field Stabilizer™ can be placed in a room to harmonize its field. You can use a large model made in copper or a desktop size model made in bronze or silver. The large Field Stabilizer™ keeps the energy movement inside the room where it is placed. It is recommended:

  • in places with a high transit of people or animals
  • in case of geopathic stress due to underground water passage, geological faults, mineral veins, Curry and Hartmann grids
  • in some cases of building restoration

We could measure, using the Lecher Antenna, that objects placed on the bowl on top of the Field Stabilizer™ enhance their inner frequency.


The Field Stabilizer™ pendants

The Field Stabilizer™ pendants may be helpful for those who seek an inner alignment throughout the day. The use of Field Stabilizer™ is very subjective. Experience showed that sometimes its use may feel as “too much”. There are no prescriptions on how to use it. Please remember that Field Stabilizer™ is not a medical device, use it at your own pleasure and discretion. You will learn with the time when it is better for you to wear it, and when to leave it in your drawer.

Custom production

The production of the Field Stabilizer™ pendants is made by hand by skilled goldsmiths in the area of Vicenza, famous in the world for its jewellery manufacturing industry. The bigger Field Stabilizer™ in copper are hand made by Roberto. If you need a custom size for special use, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you and help you finding the best solution for your application.

The Field Stabilizer™ has been patented and trademarked:

  • Europe Patent n.00241988
  • U.S.A. Patent n.29/486,327
  • Canada Patent n.155630
  • China Patent n.201430361045.2


This project would have never manifested without the precious help by many people. To all of them go my deepest gratitude.

I want to thank particularly my parents, they taught me, among many other things, the curiosity towards life and the courage to follow my dreams.

And a very special thanks goes to Ron Young, who patiently followed my steps and kicked me during all these years. He also introduced Field Stabilizer™ in the U.S., Canada, South America and Asia.